FAQ - Minax Trade Investment

What are the activities of Minax Trade?

Minaxtrade is a bitcoin and Ethereum Investment company that serves worldwide which help individuals to gain financial strength.

Is it a registered and legal company?


I wish to invest but I don't have a Bitcoin address. Where can I register it?

www.blockchain.info or www.luno.com or www.coinbase.com

How do I open my account on Minaxtrade?

Simply register and login, then make your first deposit and get your account fully activated.

Who can be your customer?

Anyone alive, No restrictions.

How can I make a deposit?

Simply click on “Make a deposit” from your Dashboard,then select plan and amount, send the amount of either 'btc' or 'Eth' to the wallet provided.

What payment tool can I use for investments and earnings?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer and Perfect Money.

I wish to invest but I don't have a BitCoin address. Where can I register it?

www.blockchain.info or www.luno.com or www.coinbase.com

When registering I am asked to enter a Bitcoin address. What is that?

It means your wallet receiving address.

How much can I invest here?

Any amount Ranging from $10 and Above.

How do I know the current Bitcoin exchange rate?

From your wallet you can always see the exchange rate.

I made a mistake during the registration and entered an incorrect email. How to fix it?

Go to settings on your current account and get all rectified.

How many deposits can I have simultaneously?

No limits.

Can I make a deposit directly from my balance or shall I first withdraw the funds?

Your account balance is displayed on your dashboard at the BACKOFFICE as “e-wallet” and “Reward Wallet”.

What is E-wallet?

You can always reinvest without withdrawing.

What is the referral commission?

5% Bonus

Simply click on withdrawal button and request the amount you want to withdraw once payment is due your withdrawal request will be approved and sent to your wallet.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my BitCoin wallet?

in less than 45minutes.

Do I have to have my own deposit in order to receive referral commissions?


What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

We can always help you rectify that.

How can I edit my address for withdrawal?

From your dashboard, select “Account” and go to settings then delete the old one and save the new address.

How can I contact you in case of problems on the website?

Always use the Live chat or our Email for further Inquiries.


Minax Trade Investment is a Registered Company in the United States. We helps you to get an incredible high return on your investments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer and Perfect Money.